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Single Visit Crowns with CEREC in Millis, MA

When a tooth becomes badly broken, chipped, or decayed, it needs restorative help to survive. That’s why dentists use crowns – to restore strength and function to a tooth that might otherwise need to be pulled. Not every dentist places crowns the same way. In many cases, it still takes two visits to complete a crown restoration. At Dr. Davies’s Millis, MA dental office, we provide patients with one-visit crowns thanks to the CEREC system. CEREC stands for Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics and relies on Computer Aided Design/Manufacture (CAD/CAM) technology to create custom dental restorations from the comfort of our office in just one visit. No need to wait two plus weeks for a custom crown as was necessary in the past.

There’s no real secret to what makes this possible. It’s all in the way your crown is milled. Following the traditional two-visit model, crowns are designed on-site but crafted off-site at a lab and shipped back. With a CEREC machine, crowns can be designed and milled in the same location and all over the course of a single visit.

Here’s how your visit will work. When you come to Main Street Dental for your appointment, we start by gathering all the information we need to design your crown. This includes taking detailed, 3D x-rays, tooth impressions, and digital images. Once we have everything we need, that information is exported directly to our CEREC milling unit where your restoration is crafted from a single block of dental grade ceramic according to Dr. Davies’s exact specifications. While our CEREC machine works away, all you have to do is rest comfortably in our office.

When our CEREC machine has finished crafting your custom-made and custom-shaded crown, only a couple of steps in the process are left. First, Dr. Davies will be sure it looks and fits exactly as it should. Then, if everything else checks out, all that’s left for us to do is cover the prepared tooth with the crown. By capping your broken, decayed, or chipped tooth now, you’re not only saving yourself from losing a tooth, you’re also  preventing bone loss in your jaw and increasing the likelihood that your jawbone stays strong in the future. Dental crowns also protect the remaining dental structure from further decay or damage through the years, and restore the smile to its natural look and feel in just one day.

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